Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sleep? what sleep???

So here I am the morning of day 2. Lily woke up at 2am and finally went back to sleep about 10min. ago!!! Today will be a true test of my will as I avoid the sugar and bread I tend to crave when I am tired. Last nights dinner was something of a peice of art on a plate! Tomatoes, asperagus, cucumbers, bell peppers and guacomole with whole romane leaves to wrap up the works. YUM!! then some grapes. Then for desert and apple cut into matchsticks, sprinkled with cinnamon, toped with raw chocolate cashew cream. Deffinatly competition for the bowls of ice cream Kyla and Dan had!
Now I'm off to sneak a little shut eye before the happy chaos begins again! 

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