Saturday, February 6, 2010

An inner journey

So it is Febuary 6th 2010. I began walking this path about 60 days ago or so.  At the time I had all good intentions of documenting every step of the way here on this blog. Mission failed. However, I have much more valuable insights now then I would have had I written in the throws of each experience. Hindsight is 20/20.
"Going raw" has been an adventure of the body, mind, and spirit. I know it sounds insane but the food began to speak to me.......really....I know...but really. In all my life I can not recal ever dreaming about food. After two weeks eating nothing but living foods, they began appearing in my dreams. I would wake up salavating thinking about the green juice I was going to make for breakfast. And the zuccini fettuchini alfredo I was going to have for dinner. (Zuccini cut to resemble pasta with mushrooms and cashew cream sauce with garlic.!!!)
 However I have 3 children and a Man. I adore them all. So much in fact I found it difficult to neglect them while I selfishly prepared gourmet raw food for myself. They would not eat much of what I made. so my solo efforts in the kitchen left them hungary. Eventually I found a ballance between cooking for them and blending and chopping for myself. Many nights I would make them a dish and then prepare a huge sallad which I would eat half of as my dinner and they would share the rest as a side dish.
I felt wonderful. Better then I had felt in years. Since before I had children. My energy was throught he roof! of the sweetest side effects...I lost 20 lbs!!! Suddenly getting dressed became alot more fun!