Saturday, February 6, 2010

An inner journey

So it is Febuary 6th 2010. I began walking this path about 60 days ago or so.  At the time I had all good intentions of documenting every step of the way here on this blog. Mission failed. However, I have much more valuable insights now then I would have had I written in the throws of each experience. Hindsight is 20/20.
"Going raw" has been an adventure of the body, mind, and spirit. I know it sounds insane but the food began to speak to me.......really....I know...but really. In all my life I can not recal ever dreaming about food. After two weeks eating nothing but living foods, they began appearing in my dreams. I would wake up salavating thinking about the green juice I was going to make for breakfast. And the zuccini fettuchini alfredo I was going to have for dinner. (Zuccini cut to resemble pasta with mushrooms and cashew cream sauce with garlic.!!!)
 However I have 3 children and a Man. I adore them all. So much in fact I found it difficult to neglect them while I selfishly prepared gourmet raw food for myself. They would not eat much of what I made. so my solo efforts in the kitchen left them hungary. Eventually I found a ballance between cooking for them and blending and chopping for myself. Many nights I would make them a dish and then prepare a huge sallad which I would eat half of as my dinner and they would share the rest as a side dish.
I felt wonderful. Better then I had felt in years. Since before I had children. My energy was throught he roof! of the sweetest side effects...I lost 20 lbs!!! Suddenly getting dressed became alot more fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sleep? what sleep???

So here I am the morning of day 2. Lily woke up at 2am and finally went back to sleep about 10min. ago!!! Today will be a true test of my will as I avoid the sugar and bread I tend to crave when I am tired. Last nights dinner was something of a peice of art on a plate! Tomatoes, asperagus, cucumbers, bell peppers and guacomole with whole romane leaves to wrap up the works. YUM!! then some grapes. Then for desert and apple cut into matchsticks, sprinkled with cinnamon, toped with raw chocolate cashew cream. Deffinatly competition for the bowls of ice cream Kyla and Dan had!
Now I'm off to sneak a little shut eye before the happy chaos begins again! 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Made it through day 1!

Success! stayed raw /vegan all day! ....ok....I had one sip of Lily's chocolate milk. I feel great. I Will tell all about what I ate in the morning. Nite!

My Familia and I

This is a photo from our family vacation in BC 

Raw day 1

Today is a new moon, and a new beginning. And I am new at this blogging thing so please bare with me! I have started this day with a big mug of warm h2o with half a lemon from my sons lemon tree. Ahhhh.....and some light yoga. I was up before the children which I hope to become a habbit. I have no plan for breakfast. or any of my meals come to think of it. All I know is that they will be whole, uncooked, vibrant, living foods. At least that is the goal.